Nothing Like Good Ole Ball Game

24 Aug

Yesterday, was a good buddy of mines 21 birthday!  I had 4 tickets so I  figured why not bring him to the game. What’s better than being at Wrigley Field for your 21 birthday? NOTHING! O, before I forget….They were FIRST ROW SEATS BEHIND THE ATLANTA BRAVES DUGOUT!!!!!

I did see something that has tarnished the game far more than steroids have.  There was this father, who brought his sons to the Cubs game and they were all sitting next to my buddy and I.  As soon as this family sat down they pulled out there “upper class” cold side dishes of what looked like a mango salsa and a tabouleh salad.

I turned to my buddy, who I have been going to games with since we were kids and told him to look over.  His jaw dropped and he could not believe what those kids were eating!  Going to ball parks for the food is the second best to the game itself.  We were actually pissed off that a father who is repping a Cubs Jersey would actually suggest his kids to do that.  Get a beer and a dog. A soda and nacho.  A 12 in chicago style dog and beer.  A malt. Obviously price doesn’t matter because the food you are illegally bringing into the stadium is more expensive !


Chicago Style Hot dog

Poppy Seed Bun, Vienna Beef Hotdog, Chopped Yellow Onions (I had grilled), Authentic Chicago Green Relish, Pickle, Tomato Slices, Sport Peppers, Celery Salt


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